Tenor nyckelharpa upper soundhole

Tenor nyckelharpa

Chromatic nyckelharpa and tenor nyckelharpa

nyckelharpa bows and Strings

I have a small though high quality making of nyckelharpas where my experiences from proffessional making is combined with my experiences as a nyckelharpa musician.

I make two nyckelharpa models. My own model of the traditional chromatic nyckelharpa and the Hedin model of the tenor nyckelharpa, which both you can find more information from here.



Chromatic Nyckelharpa

Picture Photos Nyckelharpa with 2 x 4 mechanics.

Picture Photos Nyckelharpa with 2 x 6 mechanics.

In this instrument, based on the "Sahlström" nyckelharpas, I have implemented the design from the beautifully shaped historic instruments with the highest standard of functionality and playability needed today. It has three melody strings A, C (D), G, and one bass string C (D) - plus 12 sympathetic strings. Normally there are 22 keys for the A-string, 12 for the C-string and 7 for the G-string. Total weight appr. 1,9 kg. The low weight is good for the sound and good for your neck! I am happy to hear comments on my nyckelharpas which very often is something like: "the sound is great, and the "action" of the keys is well known to be possibly one of the best on the market."

The head can be made in two different ways. One with 4 wooden pegs for the melodistrings and 4 wooden pegs for sympathetic strings supplemented with a mechanic for the rest of the sympathetic strings (2 x 4 strings). The other one with 4 wooden pegs for the melodistrings and mechanics for all sympathetic strings (2 x 6 strings). The mechanic is specialmade for my shop made of brass and ebony.

Listen to an audio sample.

Video shot Listen to and watch a short video! Olov Johansson and David Eriksson is playing. Olov, to the left, plays a Peder Källman nyckelharpa. (Free Quicktime).



Nyckelharpa "Road Worn" 2011

Here you can see one of my nyckelharpas made to be "Road Worn". An imitation of intense playing, wear, patina and history. The nyckelharpa is made 2011.



The TENOR NYCKELHARPA - from the middle ages into the 21st century

The tenor nyckelharpa (the Johan Hedin-model) is a completely new instrument that extends and develops the family of nyckelharpas in terms of sound, size and construction/design. It is a result of the joint effort between me and musician Johan Hedin, where Johan designed a new instrument to meet the new needs that he discovered through his various musical meetings and musical environments. The project was supported by Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien (The Royal Academy of music) and Musikhögskolan (The Royal University College of Music)-both in Stockholm.

The tenor nyckelharpa has four playing strings and twelve sympathetic string. It is tuned like a violin though one octave lower (E, A, D, G). Every detail is handmade. Learn more from the tenor nyckelharpa (pdf-file, 1,73 MB, an article by Johan Hedin.) Listen to the great sound which remindes of and has some of the richness heard on a Viola da Gamba.

Listen to an audio sample.

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Quarter note keyes


As an option, quarter notes can be included among the keys, which does have historical examples in the older kontrabasharpas. The construction is an exciting mixture of building techniques - from the moraharpa via the gamba and instruments with older sound hole forms, to modern nyckelharpas with additional chromatic keys - from the Middle Ages into the 21st century.





Nyckelharpa bow in Snakewood material.

This is a quality bow for nyckelharpa musicians, made in traditional material and with traditional methods. That means, you can easily have it rehaired wherever in the world, or at your nearest violinmaker.

Snakewood has high density and gives a little more weight, which is good since the bow already is a little short. This also improves the sound of the instrument.

I have them in some "standard lengths" to fit different needs. Please, contact me and I can help you make a proper choice.

For more info and price, please contact me!

..."The bow is phenomenal!!!!! Thanks!! The nyckelharpa is like a new instrument”...
Ola Hertzberg

"I have been playing on this type of nyckelharpa bows for over 20 years now and when I had the opportunity to try some of Peders bows I got impressed. They are very affordable and have qualities you normally find on bows which are priced much higher. They are well balanced and the stability on the string is great. They combine a smooth feeling with quick respons.
These bows are made of the nice looking material Snakewood which gives them the proper weight and stability, but most of all they have a warm sound with great brilliance.
As you can imagine I really recommend these bows to anyone looking for a great nyckelharpa bow.

Johan Hedin"



You can also buy nyckelharpa strings. Fair prices and easy delivered. Call me or send me an e-mail.

New strings gives you the nyckelharpa sound back. The sympathetic strings are very important for a fresh sound. Playing a lot or little - the strings need to be exchanged every year or two for a full rich sound. I´d be pleased to give advise about strings!





I have played nyckelharpa since Swedish folk music's upswing during the early 70's. I have also given courses in nyckelharpa since 1975 and became "riksspelman" (accredited fiddler) in 1979. My first nyckelharpa was made 1978, which started off my career as an instrument maker and lead to my becoming a certified professional violinmaker. I have several times been a jury member at the nyckelharpamakers' competition and exhibition held at the annual Fiddlers' Convention at Österbybruk.


Peder Källman Violinmaker

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